Urgent Time frame: Possible Circuit Board Trouble in 2002 Chevy Venture Please help.

Discussion in 'Automotive Electronics' started by MotorBonehead89, Oct 28, 2015.

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    Oct 28, 2015
    I have an issue with my 2002 chevy venture..... I Just recently I took apart the whole Dash board Console to replace the Turn signal Switch. I had broken by snapping it off..... When i did it I watch a youtube video from 1A auto.com. I uninstalled the whole console replaced the switch and reversed the video and put it all back exactly the way it was...... but now my Dash Lights the light up my Speedometer dont work and now my tail lights are temperamental..... By temperamental I mean the Hazards, turn signal and Reverse Lights work....... the Running lights and break Lights do not..... I am afraid to mess with it again till i seek help. I am not sure if it is just bulbs or a circuit problem because it is effecting my dash light LED's I cannot see my speed at night and my breaks/Running Lights are not working. Please help me trouble shoot this I need my car running for work in 3 days.

    Post Realized problem...... I remembered having problems with the dash light before when I first got it..... sometimes it would work sometimes it wouldn't it was random at best when they decided to work...... they worked plenty good for a while where it was not a problem, the Dash/Speedometer Led worked no problem for months..... but there was several occasions they would not turn on but worked again later some how..... Now the Speedometer LED is completely not working ever since I disassembled the Dash to fix the Turn signal switch.... I had exact model turn signal switch when i replaced it as the Turn signals do work after I replaced it. but like i said the dash LED and Brakes/Running lights wont work. What do i do. Step by step as I am a bone head apparently and missed something. even though I did it exactly according to the video forward and backwards. uninstall/install to the Detail. So i know not what is plaguing my tail lights and Dash LED
  2. MotorBonehead89

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    Oct 28, 2015
    Can anyone help or not?
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    We're electronics nerds, not car mechanics. If I was in your back yard, it would take me all day to disassemble and re-assemble everything you did, then another day to figure out all the other faults, and that is what you need. Even if I was willing to donate 10 or 20 hours of labor, I can't do that from a computer in Florida.
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    Having rebuilt two automobiles that were fire write-offs (one a 12cyl XJS Jag) I agree with #12 it is virtually impossible to tell you implicitly just where the problems are from a remote location.
    I have even found that Manuf service manuals have numerous errors, particularly regarding wiring schematics.
    Incidentally both autos started with the first turn of the key.;)
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    Oct 15, 2009
    pull it back out and try it again.. you either didn't connect something.. or didn't fully seat a connector or bulb or just have something slightly misaligned or dirty contacts,etc..
    man up.. and just get in there and fix it :p you can do it..
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    Mar 4, 2014
    This one, check the fuse especially if you didn't disconnect the battery before starting the project.
    These are always powered.

    If there is some processing power, disconnect the battery for a few minutes and re-connect.
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    I've never seen an LED in a 2000 vehicle, I would have to go with a bad connection.