I need Urgent Help on Circuit Analysis

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I need to analyse the circuit of a simple code lock. The analysis also includes how to use the code lode to drive another elecronic circuit that uses only 6V.
Plz Help with the analysis. The circuit of the code lock is attached.



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If this is a homework assignment I'm not going to give you a full description but to point you in the right direction consider what data (logic level) is applied to the data inputs of the flip-flops (there are 2 flip flops in each CD4013) and what is connected to the clock inputs. Hence when a clock inputs is activated what appears on the Q output and where does it go to.

Of course when a set input is activated the Q output goes high - what triggers this and what effect does it have on the sequence as a whole?

You do a bit, then if needed I'll give you more clues.