Upgrading storage on Lenovo laptop.

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I've got an alright Lenovo laptop (the Lenovo MIIX 310 if I recall correctly). The one major downside is its storage capacity of 32GBS. Windows takes up most of this.
My laptop has become quite slow and I wanted to restore to factory settings. The problem is, I don't not have enough storage to reset. The only way to do so would be to put bootable windows on a USB stick and use that to reinstall Windows. But that would mean it would be an unactivated version of Windows.

Taking off the back cover, and the copper shielding, reveals this:
I believe the chips in the image are the storage. It very much resembles that of a normal SSD. As you can see though, it is clearly built on to the motherboard, making it near impossible to replace

To the right of this, is this:
That looks a lot to me like a space for a replaceable internal SSD. Obviously the sata connector is unpopulated, and that's my question.

Does anyone know if I populated that connector, then got an SSD of the right size, whether that would allow me to have more storage? Or would the built on storage override this storage?


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Do you have a service manaul for this laptop ? That should discuss expansion options

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Murphy's law clearly states : After a looong suffering to obtain the service manual, and place the SATA connector, a new removable SSD; you will not find information on which-jumper-where enables the new connector. Then after more suffering, you may find it is all done in an unreachable hidden software piece.
And if any later success, there will be no way to go back and extract the data in the original memory chips from a $99.99 call to IBM paid service call which is more than the laptop value. Or you will access the data but not the operative system...

That is why I will never buy any compfuser without a removable drive :( They make it cheaper that way to profit more from your future headaches.:eek: