Upgrading from an Arduino

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I am working on a project - half for work and half for fun. It's a motivational tool, that tracks progress on a set of goals, providing audio feedback, particularly as the goal's due date approaches. The prototype electronics and software have been completed. I used an Arduino Mega, an arcade pushbutton, an RTC, an LCD display driven by an Adafruit backpack, and completed with an Adafruit Music Maker shield (with an SD card). A 500 line Arduino sketch drives it all.

So if this device becomes popular in a small way, we're going to have them assembled in a production facility - possibly offshore. (I have received several requests for them already from friends.)

The Arduino solution was great for developing and prototyping, but maybe not so much for production.

Any ideas or advice on how I can migrate from the Arduino/Adafruit products? I can see migrating the base code, but also depend on the firmware I2C routines to talk to the peripherals.

What is my project plan or how should I approach this? My questions arise from trying to move beyond the Arduino. Mostly, what possible roadblocks will I face?


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The hardware on an arduino board is typical of a commercial product so what problems do you think you may have?
All the hardware can be added to your own custom board and you can program the chip with the bootloader if you wish or not,etc...

Personally I've thought about this too and can't see a valid reason why I would need to change for a commercial product.. Its still a regular microprocessor on there..