Unknown NEC IC

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So I have a little device (on the older side) that has an IC labeled "(NEC) D658N55" (and "0835MP206"/"O835MP206" on the second line) on its motherboard.

It controls an old M27C1001 EPROM (with UV window) and is controller by the main microprocessor.

When searching online, I found no datasheets (except for some diodes that shared part of the name).

Another name I found is "UPD658N55", but that might be an entirely different IC.

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Yes, that's what the original search showed. Then I went to images. Found a promising image and clicked on it. First two were same as search. Third (Korean) hit pay dirt. It gave a description and compatible part. Search on compatible part gave the datasheet. The images usually have a brief URL shown under them so you can tell which ones just circle back to China/Aliexpress

BTW, Belated welcome to AAC.