Unknown Clipping occurs in my data signal packet

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Hi guys, I have succeeded to plot out my packet data after modulation -I used sdr radio usb in order to succeed to get the data of my transmitted packet, the transmission done from chip cc1350 and I've plot out by matlab , the data of the packet ..
-- attaching down my matlab photos-
what's confusing me, Im not succeeding to analyze and know why I have clipping in my packet data - the clipping showing in matlab- .. it shouldn't be but apparently there's something going on and Im not succeeding to know why this clipping happening, could anyone help me please?/?

the first one is FFT of my one packet data, the second one used plot for my data one packet that has been transmitted wihtout FFT feature
Capture2 (4).PNG

Capture (5).PNG

thanks alot for any assistance.