Unity Gain Buffer and 1.1MHz Square Wave

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Hello, I am looking to pass a 1.1MHz 5V square wave through a unity gain buffer. Can anyone recommend an op-amp that I could use that will not distort the square wave. I am hoping to power the op-amp with 5V, does that mean I require a rail-to-rail op-amp? Thank you.


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Is the exact shape of the waveform important? You will need a very high frequency (100MHz?) opamp to do that.



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No mater what You use, its going to have a certain amount of loss, and ringing,
a 5V Supply is not going to get You a 5V Square-Wave, close maybe, but not 5V.
Also, no switch of any kind can create an "instantaneous-response", it's physically impossible.

Now the discussion goes to exactly how much distortion can be tolerated in your Circuit,
and what Voltage-Level is actually required for reliable operation.

Generally speaking,
the "Slew-Rate" when crossing the "Threshold-Voltage" are the only important requirements,
except of course, when there are other specifications that must be met for a particular application.

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5v , 1.1 MHz, square wave,
sounds like good old fashioned TTL logic,
why you looking at an op amp ?

A logic gate / driver would seem to be a better mach.