Under-Cabinet Lighting with Photon a Switch, Potentiometer, iOS, Alexa and PhotoResistor Overrides

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Hey folks,

I am in the process of finishing up my under-cabinet lighting. The idea is that we'll be able to control it from wherever we are if we need to but if we don't, it will just change light temperature/brightness based on the lighting in the room.

The switch is meant as a temporary override to the default of room brightness in the event someone needs to brighten up/dim the lights a bit for a while.

I will share all the code/diagrams/part #s/etc once it's complete.

I am trying to figure out the switch/potentiometer part (still a noob to circuits). I've attached a pic of a simple diagram.

Idea for Circuit (numbers match numbers from diagram) - And Questions
2. 12VDC current to 1-gang switch with potentiometer signal out, NO IDEA where to find this, any ideas would be awesome. I was hoping it'd look something like a normal 1-gang switch with dimmer slide next to it.
3. PWM controller is a Particle Photon
4. LED Amp with collectors to power the LEDs up to 210 watts/channel @ 6A max.
1. DIN RAIL? Ugh, For outdoor powering this makes some sense but I mean this seems overkill for this. I can and have used a 12VDC 1000ma barrell connector from wall adapter for this. What's a good/simple way to get a low voltage wire to come out of a switch box and not royally violate code? It doesn't even need to fit inside the switch box, I can cut away and replace some drywall next to it to put something else in there. What should I use here? I know Mouser has what I'm looking for but I haven't learned how to traverse their filters yet.

Thanks a million!