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http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/vol_4/chpt_9/3.html there is 1 additional typo, can, used redundantly somewhere in this area of the book, but I forgot exactly where I saw it.

The half-adder is extremely useful until you want to add more that one binary digit quantities. The slow way to develop a two binary digit adders would be to make a truth table and reduce it.
that = than
quantities = quantity
adders = adder

Using simpler circuits to build complex circuits allows a you to spend less time designing but then requires more time for signals to propagate through the transistors. The 8-bit adder design above has to wait for all the Cxout signals to move from A0 + B0 up to the inputs of Σ7.
There is no above reference to Cxout.
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