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    Hello there,

    To the godly makers of allaboutcircuits.com I want to give a thanks, overall this site is awesome and has really helped me get to grips with circuitry.

    However I just wanted to point out some typing errors in Volume 4, the BINARY ARITHMETIC chapter under the sub-heading of Overflow. Throughout the first page there are a number of errors in the examples given; both the examples in the text (such as saying -32 (decimal) = 100000 (binary)) and examples set aside from the text such as in the bottom arithmetic example where -19 (decimal) is converted to 101101 (binary).

    I understand it's difficult to make flawless articles, therefore think no less of the site for these errors ^_^ It's definitely pretty awesome-sauce, as they don't say.

    Thanks for reading,

    John Townhill