Typical copper clad copper weight


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Anyone's guess, unfortunately, if it isn't specified.

"1 ounce" (about 1.4 mils, about 0.055 mm) is a fairly common finished weight for surface copper on moderately fine-pitched PCBs. The board houses I used to use would typically start with 1/2 ounce copper for that finished weight. Very fine pitch might be 1/2 ounce finished, but that is more likely to be used on a multilayer board. 1 ounce cladding is commonly used for 2 ounce or heavier finished copper. The boards are probably from off-cuts from a PCB manufacturing house, so they could be a mix of copper weights. The supplier might be able to tell you, but if they sell all kinds of things unrelated to electronics, I wouldn't expect a valid answer.

Making your own PCBs is an interesting thing to do, but it is time consuming and in my opinion rather tedious (but I'm old and cranky). I used to do it a lot may years ago, but with the reasonably low cost of having them make by prototype board house, I quit.


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Ask them and don't be surprised if they don't know and aren't able to find out. They list the copper thickness as "1.5" with no units. Unlikely to be mils because they use metric, unlikely to be 1.5 ounce either.