two weird question for my power electronics course


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Me too.
But this is homework help, not homework do forum, so you need to show some effort to solve the problem if you expect help from us.


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The question does seem a little confused on whether the regulator is 7806 or 7805.
I's assume it was 6V because 5V was only mentioned once.

But is the load current 200mA or 300mA; 50-50 chance there...

Kind of hard to answer b) without knowing more about the adapter (which was misspelled).

I'd give the instructor a failing grade for his communications skills.


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I wondered about that but I presume you would adjust the supply to be just high enough to keep the regulator happy.
That seems like the most reasonable assumption to make.

The question was clearly not proofread carefully enough -- it was probably a prior question that was recycled by changing a couple values and the person writing it (may or may not have been the instructor) didn't look carefully to ensure that the entire problem was changed consistently. It happens. The best thing for the TS to do is verify what the correct values are with the instructor (who can just choose the values to use even if they didn't write the problem). If that is not an option, then the TS should choose the values they think are most likely the intended ones and make a note regarding the need to make an arbitrary choice and what choices they made.