Two way Traffic Light. How to transition.

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  1. nubpwn3r

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    Oct 15, 2015
    We were tasked to make a two way traffic light.
    Ive thought of hwo to make it.

    I will use two 15 seconds timer for the Green and Red display and use flip flop for a 3 second countdown for the yellow

    The only problem i have at the moment is how to switch/make the transition between the timers.

    Like: 15 seconds BCD counter for green, then adter the 15secsonds, id like to switch to the yellow 3 seconds countdown timer then to the Red.

    As of now, i just read about the decade counter IC 4017 it could be a good alternative for the BCD 15 seconds timer, but still, how do I make the transitions between timer? THANKS IN ADVANCE!!! :))
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    Apr 11, 2010
    Depending on if you are limited to exactly those times (e.g., can yellow be 5 seconds?), a 4017 will do the transitions for you. And you only need one counter.
  3. nubpwn3r

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    Oct 15, 2015

    I chose the yellow light to only be 3 seconds :)) cuz it would be too odd to see a yellow light on for 5 secs, but yea we are not restricted on that condition :))

    please correct me if im wrong, but 4017 is only 10 counter right?
    and by saying it will do transitions for me, you mean, by cascading them?

    Edit1: Im getting an idea already. Thx!!

    Edit2: 4017 counter have A - J individual outputs yes? Is it possible to connect all outputs A - J to only 1 LED? What I have in mind is to let the LED stay on for the set period of time
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