Trying to identify a component

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I've tried googling it already, but didn't get any useful results.

It looks like a regulator to me, alright. The component is part of a wireless module, and I'm almost sure it's a regulator in charge of converting 5VDC input to 3.3VDC output. I'm not familiar with its logo. Any ideas?



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Looks like a D-PAK package - otherwise known as TO-252-2. Or PG-TO-252-2.

the -2 means two leads plus the heat sink. Normally, it is a -3 where the center pin is bonded to the heat sink.
Common for
BJT, Mosfets, SRC, Triacs, Voltage regulators, even single diodes. Diode pairs (common anode or common cathode)

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Thanks all for your guesses. My real question is, how much input voltage can a regulator such as that one withstand? .. it seems to be 25V tops ... OTH, is it an adjustable regulator?, would changing the input voltage change its output?


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Because we don't know exactly which regulator I can not say what the max input voltage is. A "LDO" type has a very low max voltage.
I like the idea of the part being a LM1084 but the package marking is wrong for LM1084. The BM1084 data sheet does not show package marking. All the 1084s I have seen have a number like 1084-3.3 or -5.0 or -adj to indicate which output voltage. Because of the two resistors I think it is a -adj of some type.


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