Trying to fix a failing motor

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I have an old motor that stops turning intermittently. How can I fix it?
The specs for the motor:
115 volt AC, 1/4 RPM, Clockwise, 3 watt. It is the same motor that many dishwasher timers and microwave turntables use. This motor turns very slowly (quarter round per minute) and moves the dial of the dishwasher through different cycles.
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From pictures of this motor found on a search of the web, it looks like this is a disposable part. There's no easy way to open it, clean and lube the bearings, and put it back together again. If you feel adventurous, you could try. I've been able to refurbish fan motors by cleaning the bronze bearings and soaking them in oil.


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Appears to be a typical synchronous timer motor, generally when wear occurs over time, the only solution is replacement with these units.
There are quite a few timer manuf. like these.
Maybe there's somebody in your town who refurbishes old appliances, and would be willing to sell you a replacement. Or, cut open the bad motor, and couple a working motor (salvaged from a discarded appliance) to the shaft. Or the too much time on your hands option: Arduino and a bunch of relays.
Or throw in the towel, and get a used appliance from online ads.
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