Trying to design a simple, low-cost motion-activated light

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I have a personal project I am working on and one of the components that I would like to implement is a small, low-cost motion activated LED light.

Basically, I just want there to be a simple IR sensor with maybe 3 or 4 LED bulbs that would illuminate for a few seconds whenever it detects motion. It would be powered by a simple battery (either disposable or rechargeable).

The kicker: I also need this light to be housed in a waterproof container.

There are tons of waterproof motion lights on the market that seem to be targeted towards home security systems and whatnot. The problem is that they are simply too large and heavy. I am looking for the smallest size that I can realistically achieve. Basically, a small board with an installed IR sensor, 3 or 4 LEDs in a row, an on/off switch, and a housing for the battery. After reading some tutorials on how to make a "LED light with IR sensor" it looks like I might be better off trying to make this myself (plus it could be a lot of fun!). But the fact that it needs to be waterproof is where I am unsure about things.

So here I am looking for any helpful advice or tips you may have. Is the best approach to create my own board, install the components (using waterproof LED bulbs), and find some sort of waterproof housing to house the whole thing in? Or would it be easier to use traditional LEDs and find a housing that has a waterproof clear panel that would allow the light to shine through without exposing it to water?

Finally, if anybody has any recommendations on where to get these sort of housings I would be most appreciative. Or would this essentially be a custom job from top to bottom?