Trying to create a wireless throttle control (with little knowledge)

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I hope my ignorance doesn't derail this project before I even attempt it (as I have only the most basic experience when it comes to electronics.) I am trying to figure out how to build a wireless throttle control for electric handcycles. The goal is to make things as compact as possible. The transmitter, its battery, and the physical "throttle" will mount in some aluminum tubing that acts as a handle. The receiver will be mounted no more than 100cm away on the bike. That end of the circuit doesn't need to be as compact. I guess I will need to wirelessly transmit a 0-5VDC value (from a small potentiometer) over to a receiver which can then be used recreate the 0-5VDC. The motor controller for the e-bike motor uses a 1-4VDC signal for throttle control.

Thus far, all I've managed to do is purchase a couple inexpensive electric skateboard/RC remotes to see if I can repurpose the parts. I immediately realized that I am going to need to learn a lot more and get some help if I am going to figure this out. If anyone can help point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for any advice and/or insight you are willing to share!


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Wireless throttle control is adding an extra layer of complexity and makes it very unreliable. I would not recommend this approach.
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