Trying to build a Gauss gun from a camera flash

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As said in the title I am trying to build a gauss gun. Nothing big yet I just want to learn to understand the concept behind it and I have heard that one of the best things to use is the circuit board from an old camera flash as the capacitor can usualy provide enough power. I have got ahold of a flash circuit but I don’t know what camera it’s from or where to make my connections. I’ll attach pictures below if anyone knows how I can get ahold of a cuicuit diagram or anything please let me know. If this is a lost cause please let me knowupload_2019-2-4_16-6-13.jpegupload_2019-2-4_16-6-41.jpeg


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As the man says, discussion of Gauss guns, rail guns and high-energy projectile devices are prohibited on AAC.
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