Troubleshooting circuit board for Solid state Wine cooler

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Patrick Henry Stewart

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I was asked to repair a solid state wine cooller and the obvious and most common failure is the solid state cooling (TEC) device. Frequently unplugging that device from the circuit board and letting things run for a while then attaching the TEC back to the circuit is enough, not for me. Things ddo largely return to normal when the TEC is disconnectedm, the fans run, the LEDs on the board run, the thermostat readout on the door lights up, all of which do not happen when the TEC is disconnected. So probably it is the TEC.

One thing still eludes me.When the TEC is disconnected one of the transfromers makes a crackling noise, not a normal 60 hertz buzz but a less regular crackling sound, although it is continuous. Heaven only knows who makes the transformer, but the number on it is 430871. The board suggests it is a 10.5V output.

Any thoughts on the transformer being a problem? Thanks