Treadmill Controller MC2100 LTS-30 burnt resistor R22

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I have a burnt resistor I can't make out. IMG_3690.jpgIMG_3689.JPG

I already took a look at this schematic and it is not the exact same for my treadmill. The R21 on my board is 510 while R21 on the schematics is 100. Does anyone happen to know values of R21?


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The colour code on the R22 measures around 110 ohms, the colour on R21 jives with the measured 500ohms.
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There a many versions of the MC2100, so you cannot go by the print.
I will see if I have a LS-30rev
Hello I’m hoping you do have the schematic. I’m following my issue and it seems I’m not getting 5v at the micro. Back probing I’m not getting enough voltage at RG3 which seems to be fed from RG5. RG5 vin is measuring 5.4vdc which seems low.
I’m hoping this micro isn’t bad and I just need to replace both RG3/5 part # LM78L05.
For reference everything on my board works excepts moves the motor. Incline motor works. User interface works and will hit go. Just has nothing driving the FET/motor.
I checked the motor as well and it moved by applying voltage at the V+\- leads.