Treadmill Circuit Board Question

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Hi guys,

Quick question.

My treadmill shorted out due to a move, I think the small circular circular capicitor accidentally was bent over and touch another component.
As a result the small ceramic capacitor fried. I cannot read the markings on the outside of it now to replace.
I did order the new 15oo uf cylindrical 200 W capacitor but I am at a loss to identify the one shown in the picture.

I have tried the manufacturer, no luck. To order a new board is going to cost 320$

Any assistance in telling me what I should replace that capicitor with would be appreciated.





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The component you're thinking is a ceramic capacitor is actually a Varistor. I believe it reduces the inrush current when the circuit is first switched on.


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Yes the VDR (MOV1) looks like it cooked because it died doing its job, suppressing spikes on the power line, this is one downside to VDR's they often do their job and destruct in the process and go unnoticed due to the fact they often blow open and are hidden away.