Transmit PetSafe Signal ~200 Feet

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Hi - I want to extend the range of my PetSafe wireless fence so the dogs can roam. It reaches about 75 feet now, and I'd like to extend it to around 200.

I came across this article about creating a very small range transmitter, which was handy because it contained a Pure Data file of the petsafe signal.
I saw that it transmitted a pulsing a sinusoidal wave at about 10.5K Hz. The wave pulsed every 36mS.
I got that file running on a raspberry pi but now I have no idea how to transmit it. I've got usb, audio, and hdmi ports to use.

If anyone has any thoughts on how to accomplish broadcasting this signal the dogs and I would much appreciate it. I'm pretty good at computers but, some occasional soldering aside, have little idea about electronics. Thanks.


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I assume you have worked with the hi/lo switch and tweaked the range? I have the opposite problem of not wanting him to reach the open fence gate ~80'. One dog would just ignore it if and when she wanted to roam and would just blow through it even with the collar on max.