Transient analysis running for longer time

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Am running this circuit in ltspice but when i do transient analysis it is running for longer time and showing expanding subcircuit which is shown in left below. Also attaching picture and ltspice file for reference Anyone help me how to resolve this problem.



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To begin with, you have to clean up a lot of errors in the scheme. You have all the p-channel transistors turned upside down. Turn them upside down - swap the drain and the source.


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You are quite a novice. MOSFET transistors contain parasitic diodes. When using three-pin transistors, you should keep in mind the parasitic diode between the drain and the source. Read the textbooks. In your circuit, this diode interferes with the functioning of the circuit. And follow my advice. I have been drawing chip crystals for 20 years. I also used Spice software for 38 years. I think you can trust me.
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I didn't invert p-channel transistors. Can you point out which one?
Note the direction of the arrow on the middle line in the MOSFET symbol.
That indicates the forward direction of the parasitic diode form drain to source for the MOSFET, and you can see that for a P-MOSFET, a plus voltage forward biases that diode.

All your P-MOSFETS have a plus voltage applied to their drain terminal.
That's the definition of "inverted".
It's not related to the orientation of the MOSFET in the schematic.