Transfer impedance of the cable.

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Hello all,
1. I have calculated the transfer impedance of the cable RG58 and I have got the diffusion impedance term of the transfer impedance negative after 1MHz. (it is the same with the diffusion impedance term of coroplast cable 9-2611 after 800kHz). I have done it using Kley and Demoulin models. Why is it happening so?
2. What will be the effect of ground loop current when the shield is grounded on both the sides?
3. What will be the relationship for the ratio of the ground loop current and the source current in terms of transfer impedance?
4. Will the impedance increase i.e., will the shield current increase and ground loop current decrease if we put a outer core on the shield?
I am calculating all these for the EMC issue for electric hybrid vehicles.
Thank you.