Trackmaster TM400/S Treadmill Control

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Hello Everyone,

I have a few electronics projects I would like to do and the first one is to get my Trackmaster TM400/S treadmill back into operation. I hope I started this topic in the right section.

Many years ago, I acquired a surplus Schiller stress-test treadmill from the local hospital, which did not come with any sort of control console. This treadmill was manufactured by JAS Manufacturing, which has now been acquired by Full Vision Inc. Full Vision won't provide any support because my treadmill is obsolete.

This treadmill has an Integrated Control Corp (ICC) TM4 control board and the technician I had been corresponding with back then told me that it would be possible to control the treadmill with some simple switches but there was possibility that there might be a surplus control panel that could be fitted to it. While trying to find out more about a possible control panel, I dropped the ball and never learned about the simple switches. ICC no longer has any treadmill techs but I did manage to get some TM4 board schematics back then. (From the post preview, I can't tell if the 3 180KB PDF schematics are actually attached.)

My intent is to use a Raspberry Pi to control the treadmill and I'm hoping that someone here might know something about the ICC TM4 control board. If interfacing with the control board is impractical, then I think my next best option would be to instead control the motors with an Arduino.

I see that there is a RS232 port on the side of the treadmill and there are 3 wires (Transmit, Receive, Ground?) from that plug leading to the TM4 board. My guess is that it was used to communicate with something like a Schiller CS-200 console. Does anyone know about the signals being sent through this port?

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I have the same problem,!! I'm not able to have a signal between the Schiller console C200 and the treadmill Trackmaster TM-400 ??

2 Transmit data
3 Receive data
5 Signal ground

-4800 Baud
-No Parity
-8 Data bits
-1 Stop Bit
- Full duplex

I hope to get any help

Eng Anna

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I'm not sure that I can help you but I think the first step is to figure out whether the problem is with the console or with the treadmill. there should be a RS232 test plug located under the fuse cover, which you can use to test the operation of the treadmill.

I tested mine and it appears to be working properly. The Trackmaster serial protocol seems to be an industry standard so I'm going to use a Raspberry Pi with a touchscreen as my console. I just got the Pi running and started writing some Python code.

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