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Hello All,

I am assembling a small rechargeable battery power pack for an LED light. I was planning to use a 2-3 cell 3.7 volt pre-assembled battery pack. I know these come in various mA values. I was looking at the TP 4056 charging module. However the instructions say to use with only one cell and a max of 1000 mA charge current. Perhaps I am overthinking this but does that rule out the manufactured 2-3 cell 3300mA parallel packs . Or, is that considered one battery? If anyone has any other charging module suggestions I would be happy to hear. Thank you in advance for any help.



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I will suggest that you can in series with an 0.01 ohm(0 .25W) for each battery and the common pin to the output of module, and then in parallel the batteries, the 0.01 ohm resistors are for the voltage difference of the batteries, to do this and then you can keep the voltage difference on the 0.01 ohm resistors to protect the batteries.


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Please give us the battery number or a link to the specification/ description/ etc.

1 battery of type 18650 is a multicell 3.7V battery with a real voltage from 3V to 4.35V depending on the type.

Can you please provide the current consumption of your LED light. I don't like the TP4056 module, I have bad experience with it. It burns easily and doesn't works well. The new ultra bright LEDs can work at 300uA or more, depending on what kind of strength you want for the light. It should not be more than 5mA per LED, because its not necessary. Also it will be easier to buy a batter bank from AliExpress. They have a built in LED and you just put the 18650 batteries inside.
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