Touch sensitive guitar volume control

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Chris Riddell

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I've been wanting to add a touch sensitive volume strip to a guitar project but running into some troubles, Here's the standard wiring diagram that's currently used: I'm thinking of using one of these for the controller: This is all good and well but it only goes upto 10K Ohms and most guitar Pots are between 250K and 500K so I would need to put something in the circuit for the soft pot to feed into, I've been looking at digital Pots that the soft pot can control but this might not be the best road to go down...

Does anybody here have any good ideas?



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Perhaps you could use the SoftPot to control the LED current of a H11F1M optocoupler (which has a symmetrical MOSFET as the output). The MOSFET resistance can change from megOhms to a few hundred Ohms as the LED current goes from zero to about 30mA. Battery life wouldn't be brilliant, though.