timer for closing and opening gate

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I have an electric gate and control and have hard wired it into my house programmed to a momentary push button for open and close. I want to set this up on an automatic timer to open the gate at a specific time and close at a specific time. The momentary function is critical as if I hold the button too long, the gate will cycle again. all I need is a timer controlled by seconds to break and make the circuitry for this to work. I have purchased many timers and cannot find the one that does this job effectively. any help or suggestions will be welcome.


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Yes like Eric says, the first thing that comes to my mind is to use a standard timer that turns lights on and off. Use the AC power from the timer to activate a relay that triggers a 555 timer. The 555 activates another relay for a short duration to replace the momentary pushbutton. There are other ways of doing this but I'm suggesting relays to isolate the AC for safety and not care about the voltage across the pushbutton.


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Here is a simple monostable from a relay, wall wart, and a standard 120VAC timer. Relay contacts in parallel with your pushbutton. Adjust the value of the capacitor for a particular relay to set the ON time.


Relay Monostable and Timer 1.jpg