TI Design note Differential to Single-Ended Conversion clarification needed

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Dear Team,

The below image is from this TI design note.


When I did my own calculation for Vout, I obtained a different equation (given below).
In the TI document they assumed R1=R4 and R2 = R3 and derive the equation for Vout.I also assumed the same

Is the mistake from TI or my end?
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I can tell you from a very good friend of mine who is a seasoned electrical engineer that you cannot trust app notes from manufactures until you can prove they are correct or at least make sense. This is very true for PCB design simply because the vendor is telling you how the part works under the conditions they create, not what you may have in the real world. Additionally, typos are always a possibility which as you found, made you question if it was correct. So as he said, trust but verify. Good luck with your project. ;-)