Thevenin's theorem problem

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Nur Adhyaksa Hamid

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Hi guys! Currently i've been learning on circuit principle particularly in Thevenin's theorem. I'm using Ralph J Smith's book but the explanation there is bit confusing. The steps to solved the problem is just hard to remember because it's jump over anything and i thing less systematic than what i found in All About Circuits. Usually, indeed i use Ralph J Smith's procedure. But the procedure is easy to forgotten. So, i search for easier method to remember and i found here.
But, i've found some trouble in here. There are one step that i don't know how to find, that is find R thevenin. Here is the screenshot :
I hope there are someone that will give explanation how to get 0,8Ohm resistor. Thanks.


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How can you study Thevenin's theorem if you don't know the basics ? This two resistors are connected in parallel, and everyone should know how to find equivalent resistance for this type of a circuit. This is really basic stuff. So you should start here :
Or even here if you don't know the Ohm's law: