Thermal Analysis of SMPS

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I built a simple 100W LED driver, I noticed the ambient temperature of the driver is increasing upto 80deg C after a few hours time. The MOSFET and Transformer are reaching up to 100deg. I am not sure if the temperature rise is within the acceptable range or not!
Can someone help?


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If mosfet outside is ca 100C then inside is ca 180C. Sure unpardoned.
Driver 80C outside is ca inside 140 C what is just on the sharp boarder between `to be or not to be that is the question`. If it would be the 60C it may be just brilliant.


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It really depends on the devices and how the supply is assembled.

80°C at the surface of the FET is probably OK. Again it depends on the device - what kind of package it is in. If the actual FET die in the package is at 100°C it will be just fine.

100°C is quite hot for a transformer but may be OK. It depends a lot on where the heat is being produced.