The way to utilize UART serial interface on Android system

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    Hi all,
    I am new here, and i would like to talk about the specification of How to utilize UART serial interface on Android system today.

    Here is a page describing the different ways you could use to connect an Android device to an RS232 peripheral.
    Solution 1
    • pros
      • No need for external API, the Android SDK provides the class BluetoothSocket

      • No need for hardware modifications

      • hardware flow control is supported
    • cons
      • Bluetooth consume battery
      • high latency
      • low bandwidth
    • API
    Solution 2
    • pros
      • USB to RS232 adapters are cheap and easy to find

      • no hardware modification needed

      • no external battery needed

      • low latency

      • high bandwidth
    • cons
      • your Android device needs an USB host connector (most tablets have one, but phones usually don't)

      • your may need to root your device in order to change /dev/ttyUSB0 file permission, and to load a kernel module.
    • API

      • android-serialport-api
    Solution 3
    Solution 4
    • pros
      • compatible with any Android device with an USB slave connector, i.e. 99.9% of the Android devices.

      • no need to root your phone

      • low latency

      • high bandwidth

      • you may use other GPIOs of the microcontroller at the same time
    • cons

    • API

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    So is there a question in all of this?
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    No question at all. If you wait enough, somebody will end offering / suggesting something through a link.