The Twin Towers

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@Riaff,You are a good communicator and have much to say,so think
about this question before you answer.The day that the Towers went
down,tell us what you saw in the streets for two days after,how did
your people react,the maldives is a small place and you know what
happens. What did prople say.


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Well we have Shortbus,why not have Shortcut,no spell check,no google
before I give my opinion first, My brain is in gear,no brakes(no air brakes).
I use E.S.P. can anyone do a good job of explaining E.S.P. without putting
up a google link. Link ,the link, the link, I don,t know how to think is that
the going thing.


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Riaff,answer the question that was post 21 before everyone jump in.
you wouldn't do that06. Figure that one out,its a test.


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Sorry......I got my PC reincarnated again...damn spy wares..

On 9/11 eh!
OK...Funny thing about that day is the news skipped a heart beat of mine....
And I was in India traveling alone during that week.
I was watching TV at tht time in the house of some friends and their were just me an ma then girly for the time being ..

when I saw the news I thought how would I ever get back to Maldives. As I thought all the planes might be grounded or just gave me the jitters u know....

Sorry about what's a sad day...killing innocent people is not Jihad in my book.If that is what the media is saying.... I dunno what book those dumb camel Jockey's are referring to.
What ever you guys might think about that day and who did it according to the news, all I got to say is that me being a Muslim does not share that vision. Muslims do not kill and true Muslim will not kill. Those Mountain goats are not Muslims the way I see it, if they kill women and children, they are no different. It's something personal I think.
Here too we have those kinda bearded doodle brains doing all sorts off nasty stuff.
And they say they are following the Islam way. Bunch of Hooligans. I can barely keep my hands to my self during the times when I confront any one of them.


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R!f@@ ... I agree.

Unfortunately religion has been used as an instrument of war ... stirring the emotions since the beginning of religions.


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@Joe,Did you have to use the R word twice in my history,two different subjects.
We were getting some good history from this post,please guys no more R words
in this post.@ Riaff,thanks for your reply.


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Sigh. Again, religion AND politics. I know these matters are crucial and all of your opinions are interesting and respected, but this site cannot house them.

Maybe you could start an MSN session.
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