The starting way to the final theory: TOE.

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The starting way to the final theory: TOE.
Most physicists agree that two branches of physics must be taken
as a starting points to the final theory – the Theory of Everything.
One branch is high-energy particle physics and second one
is cosmology. But today these two disciplines seem unrelated,
are in fact they must be very intimately linked.
The high-energy particle physics search for nature’s ultimate
“building blocks” and cosmology try to understand the origin
and evolution of the Universe itself.
How do physicists try to solve these problems?
a) Today particle physicists try to find the ultimate “building blocks”
by smashing particles into one another in giant accelerators.
b) Today cosmologists begin to study the early state of Universe
from the first split second after “big bang” when all various forces
were so hot and dense that there was just a single force.
My opinion.

a) We cannot understand the ultimate “building blocks” of nature
by smashing particles into one another in giant accelerators.
Why? Because to discover new particles is needed two conditions:
deep vacuum and high energy. If the vacuum would be deeper and
energy would be higher - then it always would be possible to discover
some kind of a new particles. ( Therefor “ the Higgs boson” cannot be
the ultimate “building blocks”.) Another problem is: to have higher
energy is needed more large accelerator. For an example.
Today some physicists think that “string theory” may be the best
hope for the ultimate “building blocks” in nature and an unified
theory of physics. But to investigate “string – particles” directly
is needed an accelerator roughly the size of the solar system.
Obviously such project is absurd. So, accelerators cannot help us
to understand the ultimate “building blocks” of Nature.

b) The “big bang” doesn’t give answer to the most important question:
“ Where did the “big bang” masses come from? ” and therefore BB
cannot be taken as the early state of Universe, BB cannot be the origin
of the early state of the Universe.

c) Usually the high-energy particle is taken as a “point – particle”.
The “big bang” began its existence from a “singular point”.
By combination the “point – particle” with the “singular point”
we have unrelated construction of nature, we have all unsolved
philosophical problems in the mother Physics.
Can we call such scientific knowledge rational?
My solution.

a) Cosmology.
Cosmology needs to find its own Reference Frame.
Today cosmology doesn’t have Reference Frame.
(big bang is not a reference frame and doesn’t have it)
In giant accelerators physicists try to create / to copy the deep
vacuum and the high energy as an analogy of structure that can
exist in the real World.
Question: what is the deepest vacuum in the Universe?
My answer: the deepest vacuum in the Universe is the cosmic
zero vacuum: T=0K.
Question: what can be the highest energy?
My answer: the cosmic zero vacuum T=0K continuum is itself
some kind of infinite energy continuum.
The cosmic reference frame of the Universe as whole has one
physical parameter: T=0K.
(Maybe if we look at the night sky we can understand that all
cosmic masses (billion and billion galaxies) exist in the Infinite
Cold Vacuum Reference Frame.)

b) The particle physics.
The high-energy particles must exist in some Reference Frame.
Every RF has direct influence on its inhabitants.
For example.
The RF of savanna created giraffes . . . . .
The RF of North Pole created white bears . . . . .
The RF of ocean created whales . . . . . . etc.
Which kind of the high-energy particles can exist in the Infinite
Eternal Cold Cosmic Reference Frame: T=0K?
According to the laws of thermodynamics and geometry these
quantum high-energy particles must have geometrical form of
flat – circle: c/d= pi= 3,14159 . . . . . .
How can these high-energy particles transform / fluctuate the
Infinite Cold Kingdom of Vacuum in order to create the visual
and optimum Material World?
According to the laws of quantum physics they have own, inner
impulse - force (h) and (h*-bar). Using these impulses they can
create the visual and optimum Material World.
This is the simplest and logical starting way to the final theory –
- the Theory of Everything,
Best wishes.
Israel Sadovnik Socratus.