The Return of the Fantasi

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Greetings All!

Sometime between one and two years ago, some might remember that I went through a life upheaval. A surgery that went south, a coma for three days, mental damage causing me to talk in gibberish as well as having delusions and hallucinations. All while going through a divorce and facing the possibility of becoming homeless.

I thought I’d provide an update.

I’m settled into my apartment. Near the old neighborhood, so I’m still close to my adult children.

My daughter gave me my first grandson. He’s a cute little redhead.

I’m a Disney fan and went for a week, twice last year. Currently, I’m planning for a ten day stay next year.

Found a new girlfriend and we’ve been dating for a year. We’ve travelled on a couple trips thus far.

And I have a part-time job that doesn’t affect my retirement benefits. I’m the Technical Director for a local High School Theater Arts program. I work with the students to provide lights, sound and set design for their productions.

My recent posts are related to this job. I’m building a simulated scoreboard for Disney’sHigh School Musical.

So I want to thank all of you who were supportive during this time! Thanks again.