Thankful for the 'teachers' in this forum...

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This is for those folks on this forum who help people, help me included, who are patient, never short, always understanding, always respectful, always seeking to help the person in the less knowledgeable situation. While I try to be like you, I know I'm not- I frequently don't have the necessary patience, even though I dearly wish I did.

I just wanted to say a heartfelt _thank you_ to all of you, you know who you are. This includes those of you with whom I've butted heads in the past on issues. I'm stubborn. Much of what I've learned was hard fought for... but in the end, I seek the truth and I _will change_ to accept it, even if it at first seems like I won't. I strive constantly to think before I speak, to not jump to conclusions... and yet, I continue to do it. I fervently wish I had the patience and grace of some of you... indeed I do.

...and it is because you were patient with me, that I, in the end, change my viewpoint and understanding.

_thank you_

Please don't ever stop being the natural teachers you are. This Thanksgiving, though it's early, I'm thankful for _you_.


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I have seen many people in my real life who have experience but no patience. If you ask him something and if he explains something to you, he thinks you should understand soon. Still, if you don't understand, then he gets angry with you.

I have asked many questions in this forum but I have never seen anyone getting angry with me here. This is the special thing of this forum.

I would like to once again thank everyone who takes their precious time to help people like me.