Terrarium fogger triggered by independently controlled air pump and heat lamp

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I have a high humidity plant terrarium in a sealed chamber, a styrofoam planter floating in water. Air is pumped into the chamber by an aquarium pump plugged into a timer. The chamber is heated by a radiant lamp that is plugged into an electronic thermostat which turns it on and off based on low and high temperature settings. I have an ultrasonic atomizer submerged in a hole in the center of the styrofoam planter that I want to fog the chamber when the air pump and/ or heat lamp are on, and to be off when they're not. I have no clue how to do this or what I would need to do it. Please advise.

Since I've asked this several places and gotten the same response from crickets, I'm assuming I could only do this with smart plugs and a computer. I was hoping to avoid that with some sort of device.


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Is the thermostat part of the radiant lamp, or an external device? You could get a couple of relays with 120v AC coils (or whatever your voltage is). The coils would be powered by the same power sources as the lamp and air pump. Wire the N.O. contacts in parallel to get OR functionality, and use this to switch power to your ultrasonic atomizer.