Temperature increase on Inductors, capacitors in Circuit

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Hi all,

I have a charging circuit constructed and it calls for a 10µH inductor and and some tantulum capacitors 68µF. Circuit is really hot around these components and I was thinking of adding an additional ground place with some more thermal vias to move the heat. I was also thinking of putting the larger valued inductors in parallel and smaller valued caps in parallel to split the 2 to 2.5 amps that will be going through the circuit is charging. Any better ideas? Can have air flow through the enclosure and have a height constaint of 5 mm. Here are both components:



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For any given circuit the components in that circuit must be sized to handle the power in that circuit. Current handling capacity is a primary parameter for inductors, as well as the optimum operating frequency range. Likewise for capacitors.
So first you need to calculate the current in the overheating devices and then compare it with the ratings for the power actually passing through them. It might be that you need larger devices.