Telephone handset amplifier (based on an IC TDA7052A if possible).

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I want to make a fairly simple amplifier (maybe approx 1 to 3 watts output, monaural and driving a small 8 ohm speaker) to amplify the voice signal of an ordinary telephone handset.
I have already made two such amplifiers that looked like they'd do the job and both were based on the TDA7052A, using circuit diagrams supplied by another site. But, whilst these did produce sound it was so horrendously distorted I couldn't proceed with them and I don't know enough about electronics to make appropriate modifications to improve the output sound quality (so that, at least, I can understand what's being said).
The most promising circuit I tried is shown below (Mini Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram with Parts list) except that the 22k resistor shown on the "vcc" got very hot indeed and rapidly drained my 9 volt battery!
tda7052 1 watt amplifier.gif
Is there a circuit at a similar level of simplicity that you can recommend please?
PS I've looked at the example shown by the link below, in the hope that it could be a solution though I'm slightly put off by the need for 4 x 6V batteries.
Unfortunately, once again, my lack of understanding makes it difficult to make a rational judgement as to which circuit I'd be best using.
Than you in anticipation.