Technics SU-VX800 amplifier parts availability

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Hello all, this is my first post.

I have a working su-vx800 technics amplifier.

It's working through its preamp however the Extended direct drive isn't.

Specifically ..the direct drive button on the front doesn't disengage the tuner or cd or tape source so that the music continues despite nothing connected to the balanced or unbalanced (XLR) inputs.

The unbalanced and balanced lights do work but nothing happens..the music continues through the preamp inputs.

My question is..

Are all parts..ICs, Q, R, C, L, available for this unit or have some become no longer available.

Stated another way.. do I need to be concerned that I'll end up with some parts unavailable.

It's a beautiful sounding amp so I'm hoping to lift it to full functionality.

Short of a search for every part..How do I find out?

There are a couple of other issues with the amp but these are likely solved with contact cleaner.