tda2030 single supply amp

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Im looking for a tda2030 12v single supply mono amp above 8watts, all the circuits I found were dual supply only.
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You can't get 8 watts into an 8 ohm load with a 12 volt supply. 12 volts limits the peak to peak voltage to 12 volts which is 12/(2 x 1.414) = 4.2 volts RMS. (For a sine wave.) This would give (4.2 x 4.2)/8 = 2.2 watts. In practice you would get a little less than this as there is allways some voltage drop through the output transistors. If you used two of those amplifiers in a bridge configuration you would get about 8 watts output.



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Another option is to use a transformer to lower the impedance that is presented to the amplifier. But you still have the limitation as to maximum current. The bridge circuit plus a transformer is your best choice then.

Also, check out the TI applications pages.