"taser" - generating high voltage in a small size. What is the best approach?

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I am trying to make a taser that functions similarly to a commercial model. This is for my personal curiosity and research: there is not malicious intent. I have thought of two approaches:
- generating an ac signal and using it to drive a series LC circuit with a very high Q factor at resonant frequency. With the high Q factor, the voltage across the inductor would be quite high. The inductor in this LC circuit would actually be one coil of a transformer - thus the voltage would be stepped up again.
- simply switching on/off an inductor (again, half a transformer) and capacitor in parallel quickly - producing high voltage on the other transformer coil. Like in this electroboom article: http://www.electroboom.com/?p=484

What would be the best approach? I have only completed 1 year of university so far, so I really only have intro classes under my belt. Thus, I am wondering if these two approaches are really the same? Is the second one just a parallel LC circuit? Thank you.


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