Tapping into a bluetooth signal

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I am working on a project that uses plays music through a speaker via Bluetooth but also flashes lights based on the frequency. I used this instructable to make the color organ:


It works fine when I use the audio splitter and just connect my phone and the speaker to the circuit, but I wanted to know if it were possible to connect my phone via Bluetooth to a Bluetooth speaker and achieve the same results.

Is there a way to tap into the Bluetooth receiver in the speaker to split the signal so one goes into the speaker while the other goes through the color organ circuit?

Is this possible or would I need to buy a driver and pair that with a Bluetooth module instead of using a pre-existing Bluetooth speaker?

If it is, any direction on what to do to get that result (or any advice in general) would be much appreciated!


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I think it would be next to impossible to split the signal before it's analog. The Bluetooth communication is digital and there's a lot of technology directed at NOT being able to snoop it. Some BT speakers can cooperate to produce stereo, and that resembles what you need to do, but it would take some serious chops to make that happen.


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Hmmm, I see. What about using a Bluetooth adapter that has a 3.5 male audio jack attached to the end and split that Bluetooth signal so one side goes to the speaker and another to the circuit?

I attached a diagram to show what I mean:
Yes, splitting the analog signal should be easy. The Bluetooth adapter may not be able to drive a speaker, though. You may need an audio amplifier in between. You could split the signal after the amplifier. The signal to the color organ in the example is a (amplified) headphone signal, so that may be the way to go. Or just choose an adapter that has a headphone amp built in.