Tapping Inductors

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Manjesh Gowda

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Hello guys,

I really need your help on this.
I am designing an Inductor which is rated for 50A and 350 Vrms for 85Khz. I want to get 3 inductance value from one inductor so i decided to tap between the points or to use switch to get the required inductance.

I just want to know if my assumptions are right..

Consider ETD 59 core. lets say i make 5 turns to get 14uH and solder both the ends to the bobbin pin (lets consider Pin 1 to 2).
Again I make 3 turns on the second layer (I start from the side where 1st layer winding ends) I solder both the sides (Pin 3 to 4)
Now, if I connect between
1 and 2 I am supposed to get **14uH**(5 turns).
3 and 4 I am supposed to get **5uH** (3 turns)
if i short 2 and 3 and measure between 1 and 4 I am suppose to get **36uH** (8 turns) which makes it in series, I just calculated using ferroxcube tool for respective turns and assumed it would give the same.

Here my questions are.
1) Can i use switches and jumpers between the windings as i said and get the mentioned inductance value?
2) If there is a space on the first layer after making 5 turns, can i start in the same layer to make 3 turns? does mutual inductance come into play in this case?
3) if its right which way is better to do either making 3 turns in 2nd layer or in the same layer?

PS: Here I am doing tunable network where I am reducing the total size of the circuit by doing 3 inductance value in a single inductor.

I would really appreciate if anyone can tell me what to do with this. I can give you more information on this if u need it. Thank you in advance. Waiting for your valuable answers.
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