Systems, Can you suggest any courses that provide insights into comprehending systems

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Every real-world project comprises interconnected systems. Can you suggest any courses that provide insights into comprehending systems and their role as integral building blocks in projects? I am an electronics engineer seeking relevant recommendations.

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You might like some computer science AI courses such as image recognition, target tracking or statistics. I like these subjects because they make use of the most sophisticated technology to date and their applications are increasingly in demand.


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I think you are approaching the problem from the wrong end. To build a system from building blocks and other systems, first you need to define in detail what the final system will do. Then you analyze each part of that requirement to define the building blocks required.
Jiggermole is correct. A project management course would be the best approach.


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Certainly KW is correct.It might be a servo-system or a business system, only the details are different. That vague position title,"Systems Analyst" usually applies to somebody applying computer programs to a business model. Physical control systems are easier, it seems because the laws of physics apply in fairly well defined ways.
So for designing physical control systems of any kind you need an understanding of kinematics, and probably thermodynamics, in addition to an understanding of electrical laws and functions and the properties of materials.
To design a successful business system is a lot more complex, since an understanding of management, finances, logistics, marketing, and even accounting will be needed. ( this is why there are more good engineers that good business system analysts)


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As you are electronics engineer and if you are referring to interconnected systems of electrical and mechanical components, I would suggest a study of control systems analysis and design. Classical Control Systems Theory is the most popular and applies to Analog type Continuous systems (I prefer Bode plot analysis). Digital Control System Theory applies to Digital, Discrete Time, Sampled Data Systems. Hope this helps.


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REally, the one course that will provide insight will run a few semesters. That is "Feedback Control Systems." I suggest that because in the real world every action produces some sort of results, which then have an effect on both what caused them and also what they otherwise affected.
Even marketing is a feedback system, which should be obvious.