Switch Between two cmos bridges-rectifier

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Giannis Bougas

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What I thought was used the switch to switching the FBR and DTMOS FBR from input side and it is an external component.

I have had asked the questions in #14, but you didn't give me the answer, during that time that I even thought about maybe can be control from the inside of FBR and DTMOS FBR to choose which one is Enable and which one is disable (just a thought), and I also asked about the current the end of the #16, you just said that the circuit was working fine, maybe you already limited the number of pinout only 4 pins for the FBR and DTMOS FBR, and controlling from the side might add some more components.
I can't put switches in bridges because I have very low voltages and the switches keep some mV, viz I can't control them from the inside.