Suggestions on a simple and strong multi-pole connector

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Hi. I am looking for ideas on how I can conduct multipole low current in a practical way from a battery. I need to lead 6 poles. I have previously used a small molex connector, but now I wonder if there is any better connector to use, that makes it less difficult to change the battery?

I have the battery on a bike, and will have to handle it with gloves sometimes to change the battery. Right now I use a strong magnet to hold the battery on the bike frame and connect electricity through the Molex connector. I want to skip the Molex connector, so that the current is conducted directly when the battery is attached. It doesn’t necessary have to be a magnetic connection though, an alternative to the magnet is to have the type of connector that exist on certain rechargable batteries, where you hook the battery on from the side mechanically to the charger - and at the same time conduct electricity when it’s attached.

So, simply put - I want to avoid fiddling with a small plug separately, and only handle the battery.

The dimension of the battery I will use is 64x32 millimeter (on the side that will be attached).


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Have a look at the andersonpower powerpole.

I also recomment using the Andersn PowerPole connectors, except don't crimp them on the wire, solder the wire into the pins. THAT leaves them able to be re-used and repaired. But you will always need a connector if you do't want excessive voltage drop. The connectors come in many sizes so you need to know what current will be flowing.


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There are chassis mount versions of Jones connectors that come in male and female which would work for your application. Here's a 4-pole male version:
The female version would be S304AB
But if you're tight for space, the Powerpoles could be preferable; it's just that mounting them requires more ingenuity. I've made mounting adapters by cutting and filing openings in scraps of 0.1" sheet metal.
Another connector style to consider: XLR; available in panel and inline styles, metal and plastic.


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Do we realize that the TS wants a "no-connector" connection? Presently using a magnet arrangement to connect one side, ignoring any loss. Two magnets, opposite polarities so as to avoid reversing the connections. I anm not imagining a magnetic grip that would keep it connected over some of the bumps that I hit. And a battery that easy to disconnect would need to be taken with me whenever I walked away from the bike. Or maybe that is the reason for the quick connect-disconnect.