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Ja Jang Myeon

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Greetings to all and Happy New Year!

I currently use ExpressPCB to do my PCB work. No complaints; except that they don't actually do any board building, component placement, etc. I have had some success baking my own boards, but the new BGA and micro components are just too small for anyone without a pick and place machine to do it with any measure of success. My question is, what companies are there out there that will do the actual board component buildouts? Does anyone have any suggestions? The best would be someone who manfucatures the PCB boards and then does the component placing... end-to-end.



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There are a lot of companies that will produce boards and then build the assemblies in production quantities of thousands or more. Unfortunately the setup price for just a few boards is almost as great. So for a batch of 20 or 30 boards and no contract for thousands not many are interested. You could search under prototype circuit board assembly, which is what it would be called. There used to be a local company, AJAX electronics that did that, but I have not seen them in 20 years, so I don't know if they are still around.


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That is why Seeed.

"Needs just a few hundred units
produced? While many contract
manufacturers require large quantities
we handle orders as low as 100 units".

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Ja Jang Myeon

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I was just told that 4PCB/PCB Artist software has software and will also do assembly. I downloaded the software and it looks relatively straightforward. They say they will do the assembly, and even purchase the components for you if you desire. Has anyoe had experience with this group (Advanced Circuits)?