suggestion for source code to read to improve my programming skills

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Hi team

Don't want to hijack a post here, so I created a new post.


What are some source code that I can read to improve my programming skills, thanks! Ideally start with some easy ones.

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I thought that Rosetta stuff was pretty good. The focus was on the method then the code.

The key for me when learning this stuff was to try to improve each time I did it. I rarely went back to improve existing, working code but often found better ways to do something the next time out. I also worked hard to learn the tools, assembler, compiler, macros etc. and use features of those to do build-time calculations, checks on stupidity etc.

I learned the basics from reading K&R, Plaugher, Knuth, Wienberg and other authors that addressed how to model solutions rather than just slam code together.