Suggest some good Embedded development learning kit.


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For what area?
TTL/CMOS general logic?
Micro processor?
For the latter, Microchip offer some from General Purpose to DC & BLDC motor drives etc.


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8-32 bit, several different architectures, 8, 24, 32 bit PIC, Atmel, 32bit ARM with free IDE and compilers. Lots of third party support.

STM-32 ARM stuff with lots of ways to go too:

Also TI launchpad for MSP43x et al. Not as popular as PIC, Atmel and ARM.

When looking for classes, find one that emphasizes structured programming and problem solving skills over just learning a particular chip's instruction set. That's actually more important than what hardware you choose at this point - IMHO

Whatever you choose, there is lots of help here.
Good luck!
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